Klingon Language


Continuity Note - In canon Star Trek, a rudimentary set of phrases devised by James Doohan for "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" was developed into a fully-fledged Klingon language by Marc Okrand for TNG. Both were always treated as being identical. The language was simply called "Klingon (language)" on screen, "Klingonese" on rare occasions and initially "Klingonee" (at least that's what it sounds like) in TOS: "The Trouble with Tribbles" before anyone actually spoke any Klingon words. "Klingonese" should not be confused with "Klingonaase", which is a fragmentary non-canon language devised by John M. Ford for his novel The Final Reflection, later also in FASA games and in Star Fleet Battles. The name "tlhIngan Hol" for the canon language technically never made it to the screen either.

tlhIngan Hol (The Klingon Language)

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