Halls Of Suto'vo'qor

Halls of Suto'vo'qor



After this life, the honored dead, all true warriors, go on to Suto’vo’qor to fight an eternal battle against great enemies. The halls of Suto'vo'qor are guarded by Kahless the Unforgettable. Here we remember fellow warriors who have fought well beside us and have gone on to take the fight to the next life! We remember with honor:


K'Pa (Pat Ryder) of the IKV HoS tam
Sofia Cristina Dennison (Katet Kargon) of the IKV toQ nIteb (Lone Raptor)
Sara Dickinson (Kara) of the Klingon Strike Force, Great Britain.
Steve Gregory (K'horf) of the IKV Spark of the Tempest - A creative genius and the life of the party.
John Tyrone Hampton (bru'Ha) of the IKV HoS tam
Nicholas P. Handlin (De'wI) of the IKV batlhpach (Talons of Honor)
Dan Pocius (K’Danq) of the IKV HoS tam - “The Klin in the Hat” — gallant warrior, poet, and proud member of the United States Marine Corps.
Mike Rawnsley (Yaagh)of the IKV HoS tam - Former member of the Catalyst production staff.
Lin Roe of the IKV Aggressor.
Bob Schwartz of the IKV Kuhtun.
Larry Speirs (Klyde) of the Spark of the Tempest
Don Jay Thompson (K’Homer) of the IKV HoS tam


Dhar Masters

Michael Ansara (Kang) of the IKS Ch'dan on Star Trek TOS and DS9
William Campbell (Koloth) of the IKS Gr'oth on Star Trek TOS and DS9
John Colicos (Kor) of the IKS Klothos on Star Trek TOS and DS9
Mark Lenard (Krase) of the IKS Amar in Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Charles Thomas Deishley (Motag) of Quark's Bar at Star Trek: The Experience


This memorial to the honored dead is a never-ending work in progress. All club members are invited to submit names for the Wall of Suto'vo'qor memorial. Feel free to provide new names to be listed on the Wall (or expanded information on current honorees). The honoree need not have been a member of KAI. Please fill out as much of the following information as you know, but you may leave an entry blank if you don't know the answer.

To send a submission to the admins, use this form:

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Passed warrior's human name
Passed warrior's Klingon name
KAI ship or other club or organization
URL to picture of the warrior
Date of birth
Place of birth
Date of entry into Suto'vo'qor
Place of entry into Suto'vo'qor
Information about the person's history, either human or Klingon (or both)
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